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About Us

We are Marc & Simona. A couple that very much enjoys life, bringing people together, enjoying together, traveling, partying, cooking and eating….

Marc, born in 1982, has a great passion for music. With music, he brought many people together by organizing parties, producing music and DJing. Simona, born in 1988, loves to be in the kitchen since she was a toddler. Together (and now with our 2 little ones), we have traveled around the world several times. 53 countries are on the counter! During these travels food & enjoyment together have been central and we have followed countless workshops to increase our skills in cooking as authentically as possible. The love for food was in it from birth (we both have Italian roots) so we decided to share our knowledge by organizing cooking classes and private catering at home parties and events.

After 7 years of going on location, we decided to invest in our own location in Genk. We can also share this location with you if you want to organize your own event! You can hire our services as chef or teacher, but also our location. Or a combination. You choose because we like to work on demand!

Bringing people together, teaching them something or just letting them enjoy, that is what we like to do! Enjoy together!

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Around the world


We traveled around the world, tasting local food and practicing at home until we found the real taste! Those dishes we want to teach you. The real local food, made into a typical weekly dish at your home.


In Belgium, people like to eat gastronomically. Everything has to be delicious.


Our cuisine is influenced by the French and we like to eat a lot of meat (compared to the rest of the world). Famous for our waffles, fries, chocolate and beer, but we have a lot more to show you! Our Belgian cooking class is based on the simplicity of Belgian cuisine. We offer a 3 course menu with some snacks and a fresh cold beer included. Ask what the menu of the week is, it varies from a stew with beer to a vol-au-vent, chocolate mousse and a Liège waffle….

Authentic World Cuisine

Pasta Lovers United

Kids <3 Cooking


Meeting room + lunch buffet


Come with your team to use our meeting room. You choose the theme of the buffet in advance and we will make sure it is ready when you finish! It doesn’t always have to be sandwiches and fries, feel free to ask for healthy or exotic options! In collaboration with Stad Genk, you can make it a full team day by visiting one of Genk’s many attractions. Feel free to ask for your options!


Cooking Workshops


Teambuilding with your colleagues, a challenging way to compete for the tastiest dish, possible in different themes.


Possibly with a gift for the winner or even all participants! In collaboration with Stad Genk you can make it a full team day by visiting one of Genk’s many attractions. Feel free to ask for your options!


Let us provide the catering for your event.


Because as a foodie, traveling the world was so addictive, we love to bring the world to your plate. The mark we want to leave is being authentic. We can’t make a pizza Hawaii, but we can make a pizza Neapolitan style with fresh passata and fiordilatte. Just to give an example 😉


Love to make platters of world dishes that traveling foodies love the most. Nasi Goreng, moussaka, patacones, samosas and much more.


Contact us for a custom catering service.

Chef at home

Want us to cook at your place or event?

Set the menu and we will cater for you!

Home Party

Want me to come with my ingredients and materials to prepare a dinner party?

In the meantime, you can join me in the kitchen to join forces and learn new dishes


Want me to show you how it is done?

How to prepare a specific dish?

Rent Our Location

Our culinary workshop consists of 2 parts that you can rent separately but also separately. Depending on the kind of activity you want to organize you can either book us (MUNDO RICO) as chefs or not. For clarification: See flowchart!


KOOK is our kitchen, where you can cook for an assignment, give a cooking lesson yourself, cook related video recording or just have a nice cooking evening with friends.


ONTMOET is our store that at times acts as a meeting room, dining area after cooking class but also as a craft room and private party room for small groups under 25 people.


MUNDO RICO are Marc and Simona who are passionately ready in the kitchen for your birthday, cooking demonstration or cooking class. Preparing a buffet for your team meeting or a quick lunch after a morning of training. Or your daughter’s spring party or just getting together with friends and enjoying a private dinner.

Take - Away


On Mondays, you don’t have to think about what you want to eat. We cook a meal every Monday that is prepared authentically as in the country of origin.

An Indian Thali or a Thai noodle salad. Or a lasagna made of grilled vegetables, fresh passata and homemade pasta dough! You can opt for a subscription even if you want to belong to the MUNDOMONDAY MEMBER CLUB!

Reserve in time via email or pb to pick up your meal on Monday. Pay on the spot with Payconiq and enjoy your crisp, lovingly prepared meal at home!

Please check our Instagram for the menu .



Middle Eastern


European Tapas

Around the World Tapas


South East



Asian Basics

Latin American




Meal prepping

Start to vegan



Colors in Pasta


Pasta for beginners


Around dough world




Pizza Battle


Pasta Battle